Waiting Is

Meanwhile, back at the Try-mai-tai outdoor tropical bar, Will was glaring at his Tesla watch. Suddenly, he sensed someone invading his secluded table behind bamboo and foliage.


No, an elderly man stood there.  “My apologies. I thought no one else knew this quiet space. ” He waved his arm, “Most want to be out there to be seen.”

Will laughed. “And I prefer to watch and listen to them. C’est tres amuse.  N’est-ce pas?”

The man nodded. “I notice you looking at the fabled watch, Are you waiting for someone, a lady friend perhaps? I’d be intruding.”

“Not at all,” Will said. “Just my historian friend. He’s unusually late.” Frowning, he added, “What’s this about my watch?”

“A piece of high-tech with no Nijowari provenance, here?” the man laughed. “Of course there’s gossip.  Maybe it comes from that bozo plays with electric cars, rockets, and arcologies?”

“No. Well, I don’t think so. Cascadia slowed down somewhat during the Hiatus. But it is back in business as usual, or even bigger.”

The man fell silent. Then, “That name though, it used to mean something.”

Will laughed. “Stop fishing, you’re right. Now, the designer is a recluse but he put out a statement: ‘My invention is homage to Nikola Tesla, the true father of radio’.”

Just then, Rhys blundered his way in like a rhino.

The elderly man said, “Thanks for the conversation. I’ll get out of your way now.” He nodded to Rhys as he left.

“Rhys, what kept you?”

His friend began a complaint worthy of Xae.

Life goes on.

Lexy: The Making Of


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