TR 2


You know you wanted to see this. And why not? She’s cute and she knows it.

We’re here, however, to explore the discovery of  a story. At the very beginning, my colleague didn’t want to use his Steam name on our/his project and  not willing to commit his real name to what might turn out to be a turkey.

Thus, Kyoki Chiho was born.

Embarking on a new type of project and a collaboration surely is living dangerously?

Nothing ventured and nothing gained.

Or so they say. Also, “First times are always the hardest, don’t you agree?” But that came from our draft later. We spent a few days just yakking about possibilities. Kyo wanted a marine arcology and I wanted an apocalypse.

Harvesting the Great Pacific Garbage Patch was the genesis of Nijowari. That began in 2005 (story) and grew. And grew.

A storyline that starts in 1776 and reaches to 2046, past, present, and future are the writers’s toys. Kyo’s story was already de facto; mine was what I could make it from one iconic line. It didn’t take long to widen mc’s horizons, family, friends, the Pacific region of northern California. And resurrecting the 1840’s Republic of Oregon, and secession! when Washington, D.C. made a tactical error.

Thus, the Second American Revolution was underway.


Tabula Rasa

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