The Usual Suspects

William: Sheesh. Everyone was blaming teasing me for the usage. I kept saying “It’s  not my fault!”

RM just sat there with a mischievous  expression.

William: Even when I pointed out I didn’t get back to what had been my home until late 2044, the response was  nudge nudge wink wink. Feh!

Rhys: I understand that was quite a trip. Someone told me you never went to a knife fight empty-handed.

William suddenly looked downcast.

Rhys picked up on the mood swing and hastily said, Maybe you and I will talk on that another time.

William: Thanks. Now you can come clean on how you alone coined the usage.

Rhys pulled a face. It was a fluke and I wasn’t being judgmental or anything.

William: Sure, sure. Get on with it.

Rhys:  Just after 11:30 p.m. EST on May 1, 2011, Obama trumpeted to the world that the Big Bad Wolf … sorry, I still get triggered by it. See, all the movers and shakers had agreed the deed would be done and no one would take advantage of it.

‘Just wait until the news cycle started slavering over the fact that Osama bin Laden was dead.’

Pres. Obama was probably not the first. Others not in public view had to have coordinated it so the whole damn country was shrieking, grunting, shouting, yelling, snarling, gasping, whispering USA. In only two hours!

And it was “USA USA USA”. Always. Chanting like they were at the best football game in the world.

William: I can see it, knowing you as a strong traditiionalist, it must have been painful.

Rhys nodded slowly, gathering his thoughts, The Republic had died long ago. Around 1890, the Democratic machine had a whole agenda of  national improvements.

They wanted an income tax; just to soak the rich, of course. They wanted Prohibition. They wanted a Central Bank with an elastic currency. There were other issues.

Most of all, they wanted the creme du jour, popular election of senators. Along came the Seventeenth Amendment  to the Constitution and made  it so. Before that, state legislatures voted for their senators.

The Founding Fathers weren’t stupid. They knew the states would need to protect their sovereignty from that Black Monolith on the Potomac. Now they were powerless. Democracy!

So, they got everything they wanted, good and hard.

Did any of them regret the unintended consequences of their folly? I doubt it.

That’s why there were no Americans left then.

Just USAns.

Just Xae

Scarlet Pimpernel










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