The Odd Couple

It began in 2005 with the chance story of the Entrepreneur and a Dreamer. What an odd couple, a man about 35, rather ordinary, and a young woman, not quite a hippie and too old to be a Wild Child. But if you saw her, it’s the sort of impression you’d get.

He looked toward the door of this old Seattle pub and it could have been ‘ships that pass in the night’. But she spoke loudly to someone across from her, ‘Don’t laugh at me. So it’s yet a dream but I am going to harvest the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!’ The man turned to her. ‘Excuse me, miss … ms … umm, what title y’all prefer these days?

She turned and stared at him for a long moment, then looked him up and down. ‘Do I need anything from you, buster?’

He smiled slowly and said nothing, just nodded.

Looking daggers at him, she muttered, ‘What would that be?’

‘I’m an entrepreneur, ah, you wouldn’t know me. But I, too, had dreams and those dreams made me my first millions when you were still in high school.’

‘Bully for you,’ she said. ‘And I should care, why?’

‘Simple. You have a dream, an overweening ambition – and the mouth to go with it. ‘ Before she could even get a word out, he added, ‘And I have the loot that can make it happen.’

(to be continued)