The Mile-Long White Elephant

Nijowari One

I figured I could spare a fortnight from my other fish to fry, organizing the academic torture for Jennifer in one week.  Then, interviewing specialists to refine my ideas for the ideal work boat and selecting a naval architect. I wanted efficiency and versatility without sacrificing amenities,

Six staterooms, small but not cramped, a place to rest without the feel of hair shirt austerity. Jennifer, the marine engineer, three deckhands as needed per trip, and mine. It’d get seldom use and could double as digs for a visiting scientist, volunteer, or feature reporter. Jennifer will know who to welcome and who you’d rather drown.

The outfit that will build the Nijo One? It’s in Michigan. Every job is custom, no mass market compromises. They are invested in each order, big or small, a matter of integrity. And a lifetime guarantee …

If Jennifer wanted her ‘graduation present’ delivered to the middle of the Panama Canal, they would make it so.

(She would probably specify that just to give me the gears.)

Well, time passed and all our plans came to pass successfully.  Our first survey trip was both a delight and a warning that harvesting this monster might be beyond a handful of dreamers.

Charters of Freedom, 3


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