Suppose you wanted to promote a VN, visual novel, you and your collaborators had worked on, some for over a year.

Would this attract any attention at all?

Nijowari , a story with two separate arcs that merge eventually, when the respective characters meet. One story’s a dystopia; the other, a city of the future.

Xae here. While I was busy elsewhere, a guest wandered into the computer room and decided to answer my question.

There are a lot of experts, just ask them. Still, one wonders, many of these people remember their youth and early experience and have lost sight of times a’changing? For instance, where I lived once , there was a modest BMX bike track. In 15 years, I never saw it used.

Did the town elders even ask the kids, when this scheme was hatched, “Would you like this gift?” Rhetorical question.

Back in 1982-3, the response would have been a noisy, “Heck, yes,  mister.” For sure, a new Australian movie was being shot and the title was ‘BMX Bandits’ with Nicole Kidman in her first feature film.

All those masses of natural red curls and a great personality, another Australian sweetheart in the making.

I went to work the next day and said, “You heard it from me first – Nicole Kidman is going to be a big star.” Five people looked up from their coffee. “Who?”

Just as I was going to wrap up the loose ends here, Xae came back. She stopped, narrowed her eyes and muttered, “Who let you in?”

Instead of answering, I said, “Hi, munchkin.”

Xae took a very deep breath and before she ruptured a gasket, I added, “I was coming up the front steps as you were heading for the back with a wastebasket. I, ah, secured the place.”

She exhaled and hung her head. “Rhys sent you. Bastard.”

“He had a hearty laugh and told me the trigger word.”

She glared at me and said, “I’ll get him for this. Big time. Next time he wanders away from his computer, I’ll encrypt his book manuscript. Ahaha!”

“He said you were … prickly.”

Xae laughed. “Rhys would do that. Well, Mr. E. I won’t say what Jennifer had to say about you.”

“Feh. I’m such a mystery that I made Howard Hughes look transparent. Jennifer hung that nick on me the day after we met … now we’ve done the ‘he said/she said thing’ and the answer to your question?”

Xae blinked and said, “Yeah, that.”

“You can never be sure about the madness of crowds, heh. Just run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.”

Xae ……

“You’re the only one of Will’s motley crew I had not met.”

Our Characters

The Odd Couple

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