Tabula Rasa

Lexy-Alt-2-001What we have here is nothing to do with the title of the page. I just received this sketch of another outfit Lexy just had to have. And I wanted to show her off again. The minidress is also long sleeved and the skirt has a side split at left leg.

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for DDLC. After eight years of solitary gaming. he had never been in a forum. Then he created his first topic. Along I came, some day in October, 2017, reading the discussions list. I’d been on Steam since 2015 only because I was a beta tester for sphereFACE – and never before in the forums. Hmm, interesting topic … and I left a comment.

We gathered quite a few regulars and well over 1100 comments. More than a few were the infamous “walls of words”. By March, we knew every secret of Dokiland save one. That one still haunts us.

In January, I bought my first domain and built the site page by page.

DDLC Reference LIbrary – the game was only the start …

The first page was a Home page and also the Table of Contents. No blogging, just infotainment pages with RPG. I’d decompiled (thanks, kwhero) verskion 1.1.0 so I could “look under the hood” so to speak.

The first TOC entry was How It All Began … and extended to a separate TOC with the entire archive of some 1300 comments. (We even sent that archive to DS – and received a cordial reply.) I didn’t srsly (TY Nat-chan) think anyone would care but the stats proved me wrong. Some people know what it’s like when theorists get together.

Well. That kept me amused. One day OP (a.k.a. hero with a thousand faces) said. “I … have a project.” Hmm? Well, two stories, one with three characters, the other with four. The synopses sounded interesting.

But I had nothing. Except big ideas. I played my first visual novel in 2012, “Long Live the Queen” which is a management game. I loved it, not sure it’s winnable. The story is guiding the 14 y.o. princess whose mother was assassinated, choosing the subjects she must master to do her job in a year.

I played that every night for most of  a year. I killed that poor girl a thousand times. (Monika thought she had it rough?!)

And I kept reading and playing and assimilating VN until I understood Dan Salvato’s gripe: too many devs taking the easy way out rather than exploring what VN is capable of.

So my goal is clear: no slice-of life, no ‘small story’ (not knocking them, either, just … can I push the envelope?)

And I sat down to create a mc … who will merge our stories … his first words:

I was just an ordinary kid when my world blew up.

TR 2


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