Odd Couple 2

(Fun fact: when two writers chat on an ethernet pad, random things happen.
One day/night – we’ve an eight-hour UTC differential – I had a flash of Jennifer talking to her staff. Ahaha, I’ve created a monster (with the Entrepreneurs’s help.)

She’s “all growed up”, well-educated, confident, running her own business in Nijowari. A far cry from her initial appearance. See for yourself.)

When Mr E. met her, a person with good intentions and no ability at that point to prove them. He arranges tertiary training in STEM courses, with tutors. What a torture for someone with liberal non-education. And she reviles him in the early days.

But the training pays off. (Flash forward to Nijowari executive suite.)

“You brought me this new topic to research and I read it last month in ‘Nature’. Do you palookas have any idea who you’re dealing with?”

But that’s her future. Now …

You’re just a slave driver. This education is too difficult.

Jenn, you’re a slave mentality. You were fucked by your teachers, your education, your parents, baby boomers all chasing an imaginary dream from their past.

They didn’t realize times have changed and not for the better, when administrators realized they could monetize their students.

NOW! You either take what I’ve provided and work with it or … become a loser. Either way.

It was your dream. Now it’s mine. I will push forward and see if it’s viable. Without you whining.

Ohhh! He’s so infuriating.
(Ofc I won’t want to lose to this overbearing bastard.)
(Of course! Were you too old for the SMS phase?)

After a year of mental cruelty. Did your tutors come from a rehabilitation facility for sadists? Recidivists!

I want some personal time!

Arh! that smirky smile again.

You had four years of that getting a piece of paper that proclaimed you ate empty calories of non-education. Now, you’re learning what REAL education is. Mind you, the second year is more intense …

. . . if I last that long.

Fun fact: the Featured Image – the ultralight was piloted by a 90 year old man.


Just Xae


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