No Spoilers

Gaiane: “This is just a VA
job, right?”

Xae: Sure. Pay no attention
to the floating camera,

Gaiane: “I mean, well, that camera’s
not on?

Xae: “No, look (points) no
tally light. (smiles)”

Gaiane: “It’s just, well, you arrived
early and I was deciding what to wear
when you rang the doorbell. (girl’s got
a sly smile, must be that Oriental
inscrutability.) This nightgown …
w-what’s the word?

Xae: “Diaphanous. And the bare
shoulders, a nice touch”

Gaiane: “I was distracted and
went down to get something at
the convenience store.”

Xae: “Wow. What happened then?”

Gaiane: ” (frowns) Nothing.
Well, it’s just someone was
teasing Dad about me
being out on my own and he
never let me forget it.
Anyway, people here wear
most anything, or nothing.
You might see a Strict

Xae: ” (gasps) What about
the children?

Gaiane: “Girl, this is Nijowari.
Families go to the Public Baths.
With their children. The kids are
not warped by false puritan
morality. The rare sex crimes are
always a visitor, likely a USAn.

Xae: “Jeez. I’ve got much to
learn here. Anyway,
we should get this
show on the road.
The draft you’re reading
is random stuff for my
VN. It’s hard to get
started, y’know? Assets
are expensive.
I want a holographic
sequence so much!

Cascadia! – look, a Tier Three – “when my world blew up” – 1776

“just a piece of parchment” – ‘fake news’ – dystopian collapse –

2001 – “a world of hurt” – draft card, age 12 –  the VPN –  spook –

Japanese internment – Childers – M-1 Garand – hacked – secede –

questing – Python primary B28N Mod 3 – enemies list – VTOL –

“Let our son enjoy his youth” – neocons – motor pool Tesla –

guns – a cusp of history – Balkanization – Swordmaster IX – 2021

Mister Chips – watch list – Manassas – Balkanization – Tule Lake

Nisei – libertarian blogs – “Let the chips fall where they may.” –

privacy – 1177 B.C.E. – Dangerous prefectures – and wowsers –

the Third Eye – Japanese Cajun renewal tracks –

ankles of clay – a fine knife – “Ships that pass in the night.” –

Dawn of a New Life



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