Karen-Sketch-smallerSomebody on Twitter asked Kyoki what was in our project, so “he
made a little list”

~110k words
10 chapters of ~10k words each
10-12h of gameplay
3 different POV/stories
Customizable gameplay
11 unique CGs (104 with variations) –> Final unique CGs: ~18
89 unique BGs (120 with variations) (+51 for the IRC recreation)
16 fully colored characters (20 including spriteless characters)
Visual special effects (such as animated rain)
CG and Music galleries
26 high quality image props
134 sound effects
67 original music tracks

I’ll add, informally, some plot points; revolution, dystopia, leading-edge technology in a personal way, the entire spectrum of ‘feels’, a timeline from 1776 to 2046 (and that’s just this release), character development more than you can imagine, Nijowari’s a Xanadu for the 21st Century, also, inside jokes.  satire, 4th wall breaks, parody, puns, and snarks And no mc dumbo.

No eye-candy for you today and apparently no featured image.

Later: I stand corrected. I guess the perfectly good IRL HTML copied from the Creative Commons was Verboten, ja wohl! and deserved to be trashed forthwith. Et cetera and so forth.

So should I risk an image for all y’all?  Let’s see . . . yes, it’s Karen from the little VN project.


TR 2