Just Xae

William : How did you meet Xae. What was she like?
Rhys (musing) : Actually I saw her before I met her.
William raises an eyebrow.
Rhys : I’d heard some junkers were in the vicinity and took a chance to leave the village. It’s scary out there. I needed a … thing, I don’t suppose you’re into electronics and computer stuff.
William : Not really my forte. My cousin had all the O’Reilly volumes up to date … and I read them just to pass the time.
Rhys : …….
Rhys : Anyway … I’d ‘placed my order’ that day. Maybe it would turn up, whenever.
Rhys : And a day later, this girl I’d seen in the distance came into my shop. Scrawny, looking around like a nervous rat.
Finally, she said, They said in town, the kids mostly, some of the olds would not even talk to me, that you fix stuff. I got stuff.
And she shoulders off a backpack with a treasure of computer stuff I hadn’t seen in a long time. Even an external SSD drive.
How did you get so far out of town without coming into strife?
What? No, I was coming down from the border. Dad caught some bioweapon, maybe. one of those affects ethnics and I’m half Japanese. So … it was a little icky but he didn’t last long and I had no reason to stick around up there.

Rhys facepalms. How could she seem so unaffected?

Odd Couple 2

The Usual Suspects

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