Xae: So, yeah … who wouldn’t?

Xae1My great-grandfather was born in 1936 and interned in 1942. Four years later, the family returned to nothing. The land had been seized, there was no farm any more. He was drafted in 1959. In 1961 his cohort was sent to Vietnam as ‘military advisors’. He died by accident … friendly fire?

His son was born in 1962. Growing up without a father, he became wild and rebellious. More than once he was in trouble with the police. Then he met a woman who became my grandmother. My Dad was born in ’89. A few years later, grandfather went in hospital for a minor procedure and … “we don’t quite know what happened” but they were convinced he was brain dead so pulled the plug. Obviously, I know all this from Gran. She died in ’38.

Two years later, Dad got zapped by … well, I think it was a bioweapon, one of those that targets ethnics, and I’m half-Japanese so … anyway, he didn’t last long enough to suffer. It was kinda yucky, though. Before I knew it, the local do-gooders grabbed me and I was in what they called an orphan’s home.

There was a boy there I knew. He said he was being sent off on the next busload and I’d be in the following shipment. Somewhere far away “for a better life” run by the Red Sun Organization. Huh. I’d heard the rumors.

I convinced him we should make a break for it that night. Those do-gooders were used to sheep, I guess, never imagined two kids would stay awake past bed check and then run like Hell.

We split up and I never saw him again. I headed south and that’s how I became a junker.

Do you understand now why I have a four generation grudge against a country that doesn’t exist any more?

Civics Class




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