“So they’re finally doing it.”

Jennifer looked at him, sighed,
and said, “We were only 10
years from Moore’s discovery
of the GPGP.”

“Ah, Niowari 1, our first survey.
Those were the days.”

“You never, ever explained that term.”

Mr. E smirked. “It’s.A.Sec.ret.”

“Whatevs. That work boat was
the most fancy design, six
small staterooms. Meh.”

“Why do people go out of their
way to find hardship? It made
sense: one for you and me, 2-3
for crew, 1 or 2 for visiting

Anyway, you whined even as you
enjoyed its comforts. And you
whined the whole two years before.

” …… ”
Finally, “You were always
laughing at me.”

“That was a goad, you needed it.”

“I had a goad: you wanted
me to fail. And I would
never let you win
that one.”

“Well, darling, you did lose
because I wanted you to succeed
beyond your wildest dreams.
And you did.”

Plastics usage began in the 1940s

In only a decade, manufacture was global

By 1972, scientists were concerned at the
level of plastic waste

Manufacture was estimated somewhere between
10,000 and 40,000 tons over the next 15 years

1988, NOAA stiuck their oar in the GPGP, so to speak

GPGP1 twice the size of Texas, estimated
7 million tons

Debris not on surface but in water to depth 9 feet ?

2011 Scripps Institution of Oceanography estimate:
fish ingest 24,000 tons of plastic waste per annum



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