A short Visual Novel

currently in production

a free game from Studio Motley Crew

(see below)

hi there,visitors. I was puzzling over the mystery called Patreon. Seems there is an archetypal creator they write advice for, only, extroverts can figure it out for themselves. They never met a videocam they didn’t love.

Point one at an introvert even if its battery pack is missing, and mild panic ensues. For the creator who is more interested in his visual novel than another’s face time, where’s the introvert’s advice? Oh, they have a lot of involvement with social media. After you’ve spent 15 month writing and perfecting rhe ‘script’ and still improving, it’s “secondary” to smoozing a number of sites as well as your own custom Website, be sure and post lots there, too. And and and.

Until there’s a 28-hour day and 8-day week, it ALL ain’t gonna happen.

Why are we here? It’s simple. A visual novel without visuals is a lame duck; it isn’t a product. Sprites and CGs, the eye-candy that enhances a great story is costly and we’re running out of our own funds. Eye-candy truly is expensive. See for yourself:

My price for character sprite is 70-90USD for 1 pose-
1 default outfit – 3 expression +5 USD for each extra expression; +20-40 USD for extra outfit (depend on complexity).
For CG illustration it’s depend on the scene
and details, start with 100+USD.

We have 18 characters, lots of extras, __ CGs
being created by another studio …

I think I can safely say no one has ever flogged a ren’py engine quite so hard. You want SFX? You want VFX? You want our secret weapon? Now you know what to do.

Help us unleash this epic story on the world!

Follow us now and be the first to get the free
VN “Lexy”, a delicious little tale of getting even.


Odd Couple 2

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